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Working Plan for a KINDERGARTEN Curriculum for Missy for 2009

I think my 5-year-old, Missy, is learning plenty just through day-to-day life. But she has reached a point where she REALLY wants to “do school” in a structured way, so I drafted a curriculum. It’s a work in progress; I’ll fill it in as I go along, depending on Missy’s unfolding developmental needs and interests. For lessons that have been completed, click the “Unit ___” link for details.

Note: This curriculum is organized around literature studies. Most of them were adapted from Homeschool Share. I set up most of the Amazon links on this page so HSS will make a small profit off any purchases made through this page. It’s a small thank-you to them for their hard work. 😉

Literature Studies

Unit 1The Mitten by Jan Brett

  • The Letter M (Mitten)
  • Rhymes and Songs/Rhyming Activities
  • Counting and Recognizing Numerals (1-9)
  • Living vs. Non-Living Things/Animals
  • Animal Adaptations: How Animals Adapt to Winter
  • Sensory Play/Winter Craft (Playdough Snowman)

Unit 2The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett

  • The Letter S (Snow) & I (short sound) for Igloo
  • Rhymes and Songs
  • Counting, Sorting & Making Patterns with Bears
  • Habitats: Arctic Animals
  • Vertebrates: Mammals (Polar Bears)
  • Animal Adaptations: Camouflage
  • Animal Tracks
  • Ice-Themed Science Projects
  • Sensory Play/Polar Bear Craft

Unit 3Owl Babies by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Patrick Benson

  • The Letter B (Babies & Birds) & N (Night)
  • Rhymes and Songs
  • Measurements (How Big are Owls?)
  • Owls and Other Noctural Animals
  • Dissecting Owl Pellets/Food Webs
  • Sensory Play/Owl Craft

Unit 4Feathers for Lunch

  • Rhymes and Songs
  • Vertebrates: Birds

Future Plans:

Unit 5 — The Art Lesson by Tomie de Paola and Purple, Green and Yellow by Robert Munsch

Unit 6 — Hawk, I’m Your Brother by Byrd Baylor

  • Letters H & D (Hawk & Desert) *Biomes: Desert
  • Native American Crafts & Games
  • Red-Tailed Hawks; Imprinting; Food Webs

**Field trip to the Virginia Wildlife Center — they show visitors a variety of raptors, like hawks and owls.

Unit 7 — Stellaluna by Janell Cannon

  • Letter S (Stellaluna)
  • Egg Carton Bats
  • Bats; Sense of Smell; Predators
  • Echolocation/Echoes
  • Bat Tangram (and other Tangrams)

Unit 8 — Turtle Bay by Saviour Pirotta, Illustrated by Nilesh Mistry

  • The Letters T & R (Turtles & Reptiles)’
  • Habitats: Ocean & Vertebrates: Reptiles
  • Sea Turtle Craft; Sand Dough
  • Reptiles; Whales; Ocean
  • Effects of Pollution
  • How Big is a Whale?
  • Japanese Cooking

Unit 9 — Song of the Water Boatman and Other Pond Poems by Joyce Sidman, illustrated by Beckie Prange

  • Letters W (Water) & A (short sound) for Amphibians
  • Biomes: Pond & Vertebrates: Amphibians
  • Amphibians; Pond Life; *Raise Tadpoles

Unit 10 — Week of St. Patrick’s Day — Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola

  • Letter J (Jesus)
  • Read about Jesus’ Parables & Miracles
  • Irish Wolfhounds

Unit 11 — Fish in the Air by Kurt Weise

  • The Letters K (Kite) & F (Fish)
  • Vertebrates: Fish
  • Fish Craft
  • Fish; Fish Hawks
  • Chinese Animals (I made Chinese animal cards; Make a Set Up with Plastic Asian Animals)
  • Make and Fly Several Kinds of Kites; Fly a Store-Bought Fish Kite; Why Do Kites Fly
  • Chinese Cooking

Unit 12 — The Umbrella by Jan Brett

  • Letter U (Short Sound) *Biomes: Rain Forest
  • Act Out the Story With Finger Puppets
  • Habitats: The Amazon Rain Forest (I made South American Rain Forest Cards.)
  • The Water Cycle
  • How Big Are the Trees in the Rain Forest?
  • Fruits of the Rain Forest

Unit 13 (Week Before Easter) — Rechenka’s Egg by Patricia Polacco

  • Letter E (Short Sound)
  • Eggs Poem; Reading Rainbow Video
  • Paper Eggs in Basket; Painted Eggs
  • Oviparous Animals/Eggs; See Through Egg Experiment; Hatch Quail Eggs
  • Egg Experiment (the Egg is Sucked into a Jar)
  • Sequences & Patterns With Colored Eggs
  • Russian Cooking

Unit 14 — Verdi by Janell Cannon

  • The Letter V
  • Make Snakes with Clay
  • Snakes
  • Pattern Block Snakes

Unit 15 — Honey, Honey Lion! by Jan Brett

  • Letters L (Lion) & Z (Buzz)
  • Biomes: African Savannah
  • Invertebrates: Insects (Bees)
  • Honeybee Craft
  • Bees
  • African Savannah & African Animals; Symbiosis
  • Math: Hexagons (Pattern Blocks, Zome Tools)
  • Montessori Practical Life
  • Food: Honeybuns

Unit 16 — Nico’s Octopus by Caroline Pitcher

  • Letter O (Short Sound)
  • Invertebrates: Mollusks — The Octopus
  • Greek Cooking

Unit 17 — Flossie and the Fox by Patricia McKissack, illustrated by Rachel Isadora

  • Letter X (Fox)

Unit 18 — Charlie Needs a Cloak by Tomie de Paola

  • Letter C (hard and soft sound), The /ch/ sound (Charlie) & The Letter W (for Wool)
  • Things on a Farm; Nursery Rhymes
  • Fabric Collage; Lamb Handcraft; Making Sheep (need to order craft marshmallows – Oriental Trading Company 57/2058)
  • Sheep & Lambs
  • Lamb Dyes; Bubble Science
  • Sheep Snacks

**Field trip to a sheep farm
Unit 19 — The Quiltmaker’s Gift by Jeff Brumbeau, illustrated by Gail De Marcken

  • Letter Q

Unit 20 — The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Lord

  • The Letter G for Giant (“Soft” Sound)
  • Wasps

**Strawberry Picking (Milky Way Farm) — Make Jam


4 Responses

  1. Very cool. Our children’s librarian was going to make Tigger read The Mitten in order to get her mittens back (that she’d left at book club) but it wasn’t in the library at the time. And I love that book Song of the Waterboatman and other pond poems. We’ve had that out of the library for our tea times a couple of times.

    If you do half of what is on this list, Missy will have a very rich kindergarten program. Have fun.

  2. This is great. This is just the jumping off point I needed to make something for my youngest.

  3. Ooh, I wanna attend your Kindergarten!

  4. Oh, I just love this! I’ll be passing this along… Thank you for sharing!

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